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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Day Three

As I sat in the living room (multimedia and design studio ;) I heard a voice,  A light squeaky voice,  Calling in the distance.

After a minute or two of pointing my ears in various directions I found the source.  The Duck.

I really don't know what is going to happen if his cries for attention were already being heard on the third day of the project.  To remove the noise from the ambient, I did not immediately bow down to the ducks needs and take a photograph of him, no, I threw him in the washing machine which for those not in the know is an incredibly good make shift sound deadened cell for wayward soft toys and aggressive/beligerent beanie babies.

It turned out that during the struggle to throw him in the washing machine he managed to steal one of my SB-24's which was attached to my Bowens trigger.  In an attempt to recover my property i fired off the speedlight a few times and hoped that the daze would mean a window of a few seconds i could liberate my stuff.

It is now 15:10 and my speedlight, trigger and the duck are all still in there.  So i shall love you and leave you and to my mum and Kerry, if you dont hear from me within the hour, call for help !!!!



  1. Always knew you'd get the duck somehow - what's it's name? That is class - hope Kerry agrees

  2. Peter that is excellent, there is an angelic glow around the duck!!! (or maybe i just see that!)

    Brilliant photo inside of machine is excellent.

    Very impressed indeed!


  3. That washing machine looks a bit too new to suggest it might actually get used lol! Pic is class mate, duckin brilliant work! Maybe day 4 could be my engine bay!!

    Andy Kerr

  4. nice . . . lovely lighting again, good idea.

  5. Was that a mucky duck??


  6. I'm liking the lighting inside the machine, very impressive Pete. Nice shot. Koen.


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