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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Trawling the archives...2...

Okay as promised i have been running back through some more of the old photos.

I still have gB's left to go through but I havent got round to even pulling that hard drive out of retirement yet.

Until I do though, here are some more shots for you to peruse when you are meant to be working.

Jim Bugg let me snap his bus on Portstewart Strand whilst we were distracting someone from the fact there was a large party being setup for them back in in Castle.

Paul Cullen - a good friend and owner of the North Coast Hot Rod Shop and the website Rule6

This shoot took place as part of the Bonneville or Bust story.  Taking one mans dream to run on the Salt Flats of Utah and turning it into a reality.

Bonneville or Bust

The Limelight - Belfast

A night out with the Rule6 guys to see La Faro, A Plastic Rose and ASIWYFA.

Good night with plenty of liquid refreshment involved.

Samantha Moore 

My sister, also disguises herself as an incredibly talented silversmith.  My congratulations go to her for her recent invite into The Goldsmiths' Company

Further photographs will be uploaded from this set, in the mean time please have a look at Samanthas work over at samanthamooresilversmith.com

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