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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Trawling the archives...

Much of today has been spent trawling through my old folders of photographs from back in the day.  What has surprised me is that when they are put through my "new latest greatest up-to-datest fashionable" post production workflow they still fit in seamlessly with the rest of the photographs I have posted.

So to let you have a gander, here they are with a brief description by each one.


A local pinstriper and custom graphic artist from Navan.

This was shot at the North Coast Hot Rod Shop during a pinstriping workshop for 12 people, teaching the basics and indepth techniques of using the specialist brushes required to pinstripe effectively.

Shamrockers work can be found here - Shamrocker Portfolio

Skea Eggs:

This shoot was for a new advertising campaign for Skea Eggs through a local magazine "Ulster Grocer".

Unfortunately the editors decided last minute they wanted a white/cream background and proceeded to destroy my photographs in the process.

One Shot:

Professional pinstriping paint was once again supplied by Nefarious for the pinstriping workshop menioned above.

To see Nef's work click here - pinstriping.co.uk


Away from photography, classic cars and clubman motorsport are my passions.  I cannot take credit for this first photo as Kerry (my girlfriend) was in charge of snapping whilst i was driving.

Whilst I wasnt driving though, i was back in control of my favourtie toy.  The following photo was among my favourite of the day. You can almost see th effort and concentration required in getting the route correct, the car set up and following through with the plan in your head for that particular cone.

I will drag some more out of the depths as and when i get some time to do so.  In the mean time I hope you at least liked the one i have posted up here.

Thanks for looking


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