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Sunday, 31 January 2010

The time is near...

Just a quick reminder once again that the 28 Day Sit-In shall begin tomorrow.  Each evening I will be posting up one photograph over the course of the 28 days of February.

Please come back daily and see each image and feel free to comment below it.

Thank you


Sunday, 3 January 2010

28 Day Sit-In

Well folks, no doubt you are visiting from one of my link whoring missions trying to raise interest in both the "28 Day Sit-In" project and my site in general.

What I am doing it going back to the beginnings.  If someone gets a camera for Christmas, they tend to spend all day long photographing things for absolutely no reason other than for enjoyment.  For this reason I am spending the 28 days of February photographing objects around my own home.

Each day there will be one photograph uploaded to this blog and at the end of the 28 days I will be producing a printed version of the blog - obviously with much improved literacy skills.  More details of this will be made available closer to the time for those who may be interested.

Thanks once again for coming to my site and having a look.  Please keep checking back to see how I am progressing and I look forward to reading everyones feedback during the month of February.

Peter Moore

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine

Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine opens the door onto a whole new world.

Belfast's Titanic Quarter

A whistle stop tour of the Titanic Quarter in Belfast in April 2009.  No research had been done, the area had not been scouted and the weather wasn't looking like it was going to remain so good.

A few of the results can be seen here, the photographs were required for a local publication showing the rebuilding, rebranding and cleaning of Belfast's City Centre.

Cool FM - Cash For Kids

Throughout 2009 I have been working along side local radio stations Downtown Radio and 97.4 Cool FM and their Charity: Cash For Kids

Providing them with photographs for local and national publications and for promotion throughout the province.

Classic Motorsport

Having been raised in a family who's lives revolved around the Classic Car scene it was only natural that by the time I was able to drive I would be out competing.  Well that time came, and I wasted it in car parks with big stereos and undriveable cars.

Friday, 1 January 2010


Dear Visitor, Friend, Client or Future Client,

As a starting point I would just like to point out that I am a photographer, not a writer.  I have started this blog as a personal challenge.  One that will inspire me to push through the writing barrier and try my hand at keeping your attention for more than five minutes as you read through my work.  Also I feel this is an opportunity to publish my work instead of leaving it to fester unedited on a hard drive beneath my desk to be viewed again only when I have to have all the data recovered due to the drive giving up through lack of use.

So, on that note, I welcome you to my blog and I do hope you return regularly to check up on what I have been doing. 

For those interested please feel free to link back to relevant work you have produced, although I will not be allowing blatant advertising in the comments section.

Now go flick the kettle on and enjoy yourself….

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