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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Red Bull City Limits

Well today saw the RedBull F1 team take to the streets of Belfast and bring a small piece of Formula 1 to yet another country that wouldn't typically get to see these cars throughout the motorsport calender.

I have to thank a few people at this point. Geoff McConville for his hospitality with drinks and canopes laid on for guests including Kerry and Myself, James McCauley for pointing me in the right direction to get the media pass I had been trying for 3 days to get and of course Kerry and her family for coming along to keep us company.

Upon leaving Belfast this evening I felt very disappointed, as quite a few photographers had also done.  The one opportunity we had to shoot this sort of event and we havent a single image we were happy with, that was until i got home and put them on to a decent sized screen with my glasses on.  Much happier now.

Anyhoo, I dont think you all want to sit and read my ramblings about how loud the car was, how big the crowd was or how friendly and approachable David Coulthard is, so here are the photos instead.  Saves me typing 1000 words ;)

The Crowds

Thursday, 18 March 2010

RED BULL F1 - Belfast 20 March 2010

Formula One power will come to Northern Ireland this Saturday when Red Bull take to the streets of Belfast. The team’s former racer David Coulthard will be at the wheel for the evening demonstration run in front of the iconic City Hall.

Coulthard’s mission say Red Bull is to show the public what modern F1 machines are made of and the Scot is expected to reach up to 190mph as he displays his car’s speed, power and control on Belfast's roads.

Prior to the Scot’s demo run, Red Bull will be setting up their team garage at the gates to City Hall and from 12pm to 4pm fans will be able to visit and find out exactly what goes on behind the scenes in the Formula One paddock.

Coulthard’s evening display will get underway at 8pm, with the site open from 7.30pm

Red Bull City Limits Website

Come back on Sunday to see the photographs :D

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