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Friday, 1 January 2010

Conditions Of Use

First of all, thanks for caring enough to click through to read this. Right away, that separates you from the automated scumbot content scrapers.

Peter Moore Photography is the product of countless hours of hard work and it is very important to me that I protect the value of the original content. Everything you see on PeterMoorePhotography is copyright Peter Moore in the year that it was first published. (In the case of third-party contributors, they retain the copyright.) That does not mean that you cannot use material from the site, only that there are a couple of rules.

If you want to link to the articles, that's cool. It's what makes the blog world spin. Feel free to post brief abstracts of the original posts. Please limit your verbatim "excerpts" to two or three paragraphs at the most. A prominent link to the original source is required, lest we confuse anyone about the source of the content.

Wholesale cut-and-paste reproductions of entire posts are strictly prohibited and will be taken very seriously. That is copyright infringement, plain and simple. This site and blog is my entire livelihood, and if you are going to jeopardize my family's income, I will come after you.

My preference is to come after infringers with a two-by-four. But I have been told that the solicitors are more civilized (a matter of opinion, to be sure) and, ultimately, far more rewarding. Rest assured that we do file the appropriate forms, which means that infringements can be very expensive -- as in punitive damages and legal fees. (You really do not want to know.)

So, long story short, just because the site is free does not mean that the content is free for the taking. Thanks for understanding, and sorry to be a buzzkill.

-Peter Moore