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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Classic Motorsport

Having been raised in a family who's lives revolved around the Classic Car scene it was only natural that by the time I was able to drive I would be out competing.  Well that time came, and I wasted it in car parks with big stereos and undriveable cars.

With a few more miles under my belt I'd say i had wised up somewhat and have got back into the classic car scene over the last 2 years since leaving the Royal Air Force.  Most of the time I can be seen scrabbling through maps in the passenger seat of something small, uncomfortable, noisey but all-in-all a whole world of fun.

If i have behaved nicely and been a good friend then Will Corry will have us dual entered in most autotests throughout the year.  Here i have managed to capture Will during a relatively high speed autotest and it is apparent the concentration was high...

 To round off 2009 we entered in the Circuit of Ireland Retrospective Rally.  This three day event took place across Co. Down, Co. Antrim, Co. Armagh with a brief delve across the border into Southern Ireland to relive one of the original CoI stages.  We finished the event very tired, very sore and requiring to rebuild the car, well the back axle anyway, as we had suffered all weekend from a sticky caliper and hub seal leaking which gave us very little to look forward to in the autotests.  However, we persevered and managed a 6th overall and 2nd in class, which we were more than happy with considering the state of the car.

2010 brings a whole host of new events.  Rallies, multi-venue autotests and the standard tests along with a couple of autosolos should mean we are out competing on a regular basis.  Plans are also hatching for a few trips on the ferry to some events in Scotland and England to add to the CV.


  1. What about a few shots of Robert in action??

  2. We will have some online when we see Robert back out competing ;)


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