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Monday, 8 February 2010

Day Eight

Day Eight and we are back to uploading photographs at a reasonable time of day :D

Im just back in after having spent the day cleaning the Mini we were rallying in at the weekend.  So i sat down with a cup of coffee and a wee battenburg to settle the stomach until dinner time.  Two or three baby battenburgs later i chose not to finish the packet off just yet.  Out came the trusty D3, SB-24 and a couple of sheets of white A4 paper. 

The preview on the camera is good, but i held on until the photo was done before turning my attention to destroying the last battenburg.  It was very very tasty and I only wish there were one or two more packets of them in the house.

Thanks again for coming to have a look.



  1. looks almost too good to eat! even juicy! lovely colours


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